Redhill And Reigate Referrals

Redhill And Reigate Referrals

Redhill And Reigate Referrals

Welcome to Redhill and Reigate Referrals

Our business referral group meets fortnightly at Reigate Manor on Fridays and is now in its ninth year.  It does what it says on the tin and we generally have around 24 business owners attending each fortnight.  Everyone arrives from 07:00 at Reigate Manor: the earlier, the more potential for getting to know everyone.  We end at 09:30.  The objective is to find third-party referrals for one another.  Some of our members have been attending meetings right from our first meeting in 2015.

The meetings start at 08:00.  The format is broadly as follows:

07:00      Get introduced to everyone and get to know them.

07:40      Help yourself to breakfast (full, vegetarian and “healthy.”)

07:50      Networking on tables

08:00      45-second presentations each (by tables): who we are, how we help our clients, what referral we’re looking for.

08:30      One pre-arranged 10-minute speaker followed by Q&A; or two Q&A sessions; or

08:45      Referral tables: table discussions to help three or four members in detail with their business

09:05      One-to-one meeting, if time permits

09:20      Referrals, business passed, testimonials, good ideas.

09:30      Back to the office or carry on networking

There’s no membership fee – we just collect £28 in advance via bank transfer and issue receipts.  The only “rule” we have is one person per business category: our philosophy is Know > Trust > Refer.  We’re principally business-to-business and, of course, referred business is generated.
We have fun too and you’ll find everyone friendly and welcoming.

We have some vacancies for new members: if you're interested in talking further,
call Kevin Horlock on 020 71 93 94 93 or send an email to Kevin Horlock.  See our contact page.

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